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Our Story

The Direct Ascent Group was founded on the premise that international consulting does not need to be expensive and time-consuming.  We are dedicated to empowering small and mid-sized companies to expand overseas with clear, tailored, and rapid analyses.  And we are committed to helping firms analyze and monitor their foreign Supply Chain nodes without hiring expensive full-service consulting firms that will constantly try to up-sell services from here to eternity. The key to avoiding a supply-chain crisis is identifying potential choke-points and vulnerabilities before the crisis hits, so that management has ready plans to shift production and purchasing in response to threats.  The Direct Ascent Group will enable your business to expand, embrace international opportunities, and succeed. 

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We offer years of foreign policy analysis experience at the U.S. State Department as well as multiple industry expertise in business.  We combine this expertise with a nimble and responsive culture to allow your business to thrive in a globalized, challenging environment. 

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Our Experience

The Direct Ascent Group provides you with an unbeatable combination of international understanding and business savvy.  We have over seven years of experience in international affairs working on some of the toughest global challenges, paired with seasoned business acumen. 


Our Approach

We believe opportunity and risk are inextricably linked.  Where others focus on downside risk and potential catastrophe, we emphasize opportunity, growth, and success.  You need a clear, concise picture of your future markets which mitigates risk but also opens doors.


Why Us?

We aim to be your first phone call when you spot an opportunity, or opportunity finds you, in an international market.  Use our expert analysis to help you weigh whether or not the new project meets your risk/return requirements.  

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