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Country Assessment


We provide an initial assessment of your company's fit with your proposed expansion, investment, foreign partnership, or merger. Using multiple information sources and our years of experience in international relations, we will provide you the picture you need before moving forward with one of the biggest decisions you can make.

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Quarterly Report


For company's that wish to continue monitoring a new market, we provide updates each quarter on that market specific to your industry. With a subscription to our quarterly report, you will receive our expert analysis and guidance specific to your regions of interest.

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Snap Monitor Reports


The monitor reports provide rapid information and brief analysis of key events as that happen in markets that are important to our clients. It offers you rapid-response, concise reports covering critical events that you need to be aware of to protect your bottom line. 

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Monitoring Bundle


We also offer a bundle subscription which includes automatic snap monitoring as well as our Quarterly Reports! 

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Country Assessment


Foreign Expansion

DAG will perform an analysis of your proposed international expansion, including geopolitical analysis, industry and infrastructure, regional trends and flash-points, all with your company strengths in mind.  We will provide a point-by-point breakdown of the opportunities as well as risks to consider as you evaluate the expansion.  

Merger Proposal

At DAG we can perform an analysis of your proposed foreign merger from a completely different perspective.  You have done the data crunching, looked at synergies and costs, but let DAG conduct a thorough geopolitical risk review of the merger, supply-chain implications, even reputation risk.  Let us uncover the unforeseen consequences that could be lurking out of sight of the numbers. 

Joint Venture

DAG will offer bold proposals that you may not have thought of.  For example, when conducting a foreign expansion analysis we may recommend a joint venture in order to take advantage of local capabilities and knowledge.  Or, we may recommend scrapping a joint venture project because of, for instance, we’ve uncovered endemic and irredeemable corruption within the venture partner.  

Compare and Contrast

When looking to enter a new market, it may be necessary for a client to choose between two locations.  DAG can offer an outsider view and strategic analysis of the proposed locations.  For example, entering the Middle East market via a distribution center in Qatar, or Bahrain could offer very different risk/reward matrices.  

Quarterly Report


Insights from our quarterly report will prepare your business for upcoming key events but also for trends and outcomes such as increasing wage inflation in the region and potential impacts on your costs.  We will also highlight pro-market trends that could indicate opportunities for your business such as:  the election of pro-business governments, resolution of coalition conflicts, or peace agreements. 

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Snap Monitor Reports


With a subscription to our monitoring bundle you get expert analysis of critical events in your market that impact your business.  We take stock of geopolitical earthquakes and provide you a clear and concise breakdown of what they mean and what actions you need to take to be prepared.  Let us help you bridge the gap from crisis to confidence.  Some sample action points could include:  

  • Reassign staff out of the country affected
  • Remove sensitive equipment and proprietary technology temporarily
  • Create and practice contingency plans 
  • Increase production/staffing at alternative sites

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